A good website is like a fine wine. It should mature over time

How long do you expect your web design to last? A lot of people wade into a new web project with a view of it lasting a year or maybe a few years, after which they'll scrap it and start again, or sadly for many, they aren't even thinking that far ahead with their digital marketing strategy.

This traditional boom and bust cycle of complete rebuild - leave it for years, complete rebuild, repeat - leaves a lot to be desired. In my experience it's generally not the best way to make your site work for you and produce return on investment.

A much more beneficial strategy is to build a good web design as a foundation (this can be as broad a project as you like, or a minimum viable product approach works well too) and once you've built this base - review regularly and make gradual improvements. Use it, review it and improve it.

A good website is like your own house - you don't knock it down every year and start again. You look after it, maintain it, redecorate every so often, fill it with your favourite furniture, live in it, improve it, pay the mortgage, fix the squeaky door, rearrange it to flow better, invite people in, double glaze it, redo the bathroom, tidy the garden, and this list goes on. You use it, review it and improve it.

This approach requires consistency and a long term view - here are some points I think will help you to get a hold of this new approach.

1) Remind yourself

Commit to doing this, set yourself reminders (monthly, quarterly or every 6 months work well) to review your website.

2) Get feedback

Take into account user feedback - this is so useful to listen to, tweak and improve. You can then use real data and real experiences to leverage and make the web design more appealing and more likely to hit your aims.

3) Produce content

Make sure you have a content outlet - usually a blog - and keep it updated regularly. Ensure you have a good CMS in place to deal with this.

4) Leverage new stuff

This regular approach allows you to make the most of new developments - it could be a trendy new design technique, or integration with a new social media platform that you'd simply have missed the boat on otherwise.

5) Reap the rewards

An all round good approach, it benefits your SEO too - a living, changing site with growing content is generally a good way to provide value to users and make Google happy.

Of course the key ingredient in this approach is to have a long term relationship with an experienced and reliable web team. We know from speaking to clients that a team like this can be hard to find, many have been burnt before and that trust usually has to be built back up. Without this in place you'll struggle to make your best efforts a reality.

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