The Arise team’s top 5 Christmas adverts 2017

The time is upon us when the UK's biggest brands pull out all the stops to compete for Christmas ad of the year. In recent years John Lewis has really raised the bar with its annual reveal of a heartfelt tale, usually featuring children or animals (or both) and an ending designed to hit you right in the feels.

This year is no exception, with all the usual -and some unexpected- contenders offering up their take on how to bring about the Christmas cheer. Here’s the Arise team’s top picks of 2017:

5. The Alchemist: ‘No Sherry For Santa’

A gothic take on the festivities asks viewers to challenge conventions and offer up Santa something a little more modern than Sherry. As much as we love tradition, it's refreshing to see someone having a go at something completely different.

4. Tesco: ‘Turkey, Every Which Way’

This highly relatable advert shows several families gathering together for festivities, embracing all the family traditions—bickering and all. There’s always one who wants to put tomato ketchup on their Christmas dinner!

3. M&S: ‘Paddington & The Christmas Visitor’

We all love a good ol’ heartwarming family tale at Christmas and this ad -working as a double promotion for both M&S and ‘Paddington 2- is simply charming, featuring everyone’s favourite bear!

2. Debenhams: ‘#YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas’

A present-day take on Cinderella, shows the ‘prince’ using hashtags to track down his ‘princess’. The modern twist definitely ticks all our boxes as enthusiasts of the power of social media!

1. Waitrose: ‘Snowed In’

The Waitrose advert seems to be a firm favourite amongst viewers, and it’s easy to see why. The message is a highly relatable one for most Brits (particularly us Sheffielders), who at some point have experienced a community coming together to make a truly great Christmas.

We’d also like to give a special mention to Toys ‘R’ Us: ‘Geoffrey the Part Time Reindeer’.

This one almost made the cut due to the nostalgia it brought about the office. Geoffrey the giraffe makes a triumphant return as the hero of this fun tale, and of course it’s soundtracked by the classic Toys ‘R’ Us jingle. If like us, you can remember the excitement of spending all your Christmas money at Toys ‘R’ US as a child, you’ll understand why this advert succeeded in sparking our festive cheer.

Have a great Christmas and new year, and keep on eye out for all our blog updates in 2018!

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