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Three key Instagram Stories features for hospitality marketers

Instagram is all set to be one of the most influential platforms of 2021, so it is important to consider how your business can adapt to the changing times and stand out amongst competitors. 

Instagram is constantly evolving, adding more and more new features to the platform to encourage user retention and repeat use.

Instagram stories are a huge part of the platform, with 60% of users saying they’re more likely to visit a place or buy from a brand that they have seen on an Instagram story. This is why it’s so important to ensure you are engaging your audience at every opportunity, and making the most of popular features. 

Instagram story features

Quiz stories 

This recently-added Instagram feature allows you to ask your audience questions with multiple choice answers. This is a fun and engaging way for your audience to learn more about your industry, location or character. 

Examples of interactive questions may include asking users to guess local attractions from images or secret ingredients in menu dishes. This way you’re not only providing knowledge about your hotel and the surrounding area, you are also setting the scene and enticing people to visit your establishment.


A great and easy way to engage audiences with your story is by using polls, where you give your audience two options to pick from. 

This is an ideal source of audience feedback, especially when testing out ideas or new services, whether this be for new gift card designs or even offers they’d prefer to see! It can be a simple but effective way of monitoring user perception. Another very common way of using the polls is asking your audience which they prefer “this or that” e.g. choosing between spa services or new seasonal menu dishes. 


Exactly what it says on the tin. This feature allows you to ask your followers questions that you want to know the answers to.

There are many questions you may want to ask, but note that there is a limitation on characters for their feedback.

Some examples of questions to ask your followers are:

  • Opinions - “What do you think of our new dining space?”
  • Tell us what you think - “Thoughts on our spa treatment of the month?”
  • Reviews - “Use one word to describe your experience with us.”
  • For competitions - “Best answer wins” or “name the cocktail”
  • Sharing experiences - “What’s your favourite memory of our hotel?”

Questions are another great way to collect customer feedback and data that can be used to enhance your business and take on board your customers reviews. 

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