What kind of support does your web design project need?

Whenever you launch a new web design it's never the end of the road, it's simply the beginning of a long journey! You need to make sure you have support on hand to make it safely along the way in your brave new adventure.

Here's the main criteria to consider when you're at that fork in the road, and need to make sure you've got website support you can rely on.

1. Business Critical Support

Firstly, and most importantly, decide whether you're going to need business critical support. The questions to ask yourself are... a) if my website goes down can I carry on working? and b) will I be losing out on money, or deterring potential customers if my site breaks?

2. High Maintenance

Next, you need to think about the level of service you need. Are you fairly competent at updating your website? Or will you need someone on call to maintain it for you? Either way make sure you keep your website looking alive.

3. Training & Advice

If you're not so competent at updating your website - will you or your team need a training session to get the best out of your site? Is your website support on call to answer any quick questions to help you on your way?

4. Growth

All goes to plan and your website succeeds! So, is your website support ready and on hand to counter any problems this new growth throws up? Are they flexible enough to seize any new opportunities and help grow your site? Are they proactive and suggesting new ideas and ways you can grow?

So if you're looking for website support and maintenance to help you along the road to success, bear these points in mind and enjoy the adventure!

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