What to do about Google's Algorithm Updates

If you keep a keen eye on what goes on in the world of SEO, and specifically in the world of Google, you'll have heard a lot about their codenamed updates to the highly secretive algorithms they use to determine search rankings, such as Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda.

The latest of these developments is an update to the Panda search filter, originally unleashed back in 2011, They've been incrementally updating it ever since.

Why Google launches these updates...

Google's aim is to deliver the most relevant content to searchers. So when irrelevant websites play the system and get their potentially less relevant content higher in the search ranks, Google do their best to stay a step ahead, and amend the inner workings of their search to ensure they deliver the best results.

So, what's the Panda update?

Panda is no different - it aims to filter out, or push down sites that deliver poor quality content. What exactly is poor quality content? Google themselves outlined this in a blog post asking questions like "Would you trust the information presented in this article?" and "Is the site a recognized authority on its topic?"

Google began rolling out this latest update to Panda (update 4.2, actually their 29th update to it) on July 18th 2015 - they've said it'll take months to roll out fully, and will likely effect around 2-3% of search queries.

So, what is different about the 4.2 update? Really, not very much. In fact, if you dig around you'll find that it's technically just a refresh - a re-applying of the existing changes to the algorithm.

What to do about Panda. And any other Google updates.

As this Panda update has already started rolling out, changes to your web design won't avoid any potential changes from this round of updates, sorry.

But bear in mind that Panda will surely be updated again and again in years to come. Ask yourself if your site content lives up to Google's idea of quality content, if not, it's time to make it better if you're going to succeed online.

At the end of the day, while it helps to make sure you, or your SEO guy, are keeping a keen eye on these what Google is up to, here's what you really need to do to succeed with Google and not be penalised by these algorithm changes: trust in Google. Don't play the system, play nicely. Do an awesome job, create a great web design, and publish valuable content. Then, and only then will Google will reward you!

It's as simple, and as complicated as that! Keep an eye on our blog for more SEO tips and updates to Google's algorithm. 

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