Building a digital presence online needs more than just good content

When thinking about digital marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in your content strategy—but it’s equally as important to grow your audience and get fresh visitors checking you out.

If you only create and post content on your current channels, your existing audience will be the main individuals you reach. However, there’s a chance that only 4-6% of them will actually see it, due to Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm. In order to push your content out further, there are a number of techniques you need to include in your marketing plan.

Implement SEO practices

SEO is an important part of digital marketing and needs constant care and attention. You should be maintaining all best practices, such as creating back-links on online directories, including external links in your own content, getting involved in discussions in relevant forums and making sure your web design is up to date and user friendly. Put some time aside each month to build and maintain a good quality site that will rank higher in search engines and as a result, draw in more web traffic.

Expand your reach

In order to grow your audience, you can spend time searching for new platforms that hold communities interested in your industry. Engage with these people, and THEN share your content. By doing so, you'll start to grow your new customer pool and build your online presence far more effectively.

Build relationships

Once you’ve found your target audience, begin to build and maintain relationships with them by following people back and engaging with their own content. Target influencers and key individuals within your industry and focus on your relationship with these people—aim to get to a point where they would be happy to supply you with back-links and promote your brand across their own channels.

Be consistent

Once you start implementing techniques to help build your online presence, be consistent in all areas. Ensure you are posting regular updates on your blog and social media, maintaining your SEO and retaining the relationships you’ve built. There’s no point in spending so much time building your online presence if you’re going to undo all your hard work by neglecting certain elements in the long run!

Measure success

After spending some time implementing techniques to build your online presence, it’s important to keep track of what’s working. By keeping a close eye on your analytics and insights, you can start to determine what techniques are most effective for your brand and use this information to influence future activity.

If you have any further questions about building your online presence, drop us a line.

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