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Why social media is an essential for your hospitality business

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More and more of your customers are heading to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to check out businesses before choosing where to book. That’s why it’s so important that not only are you present online, but also that you’re doing it well.

We understand that making an impact and showing off your business isn’t as easy as it sounds, but by neglecting your social media presence, or simply ignoring it altogether you could actually be negatively affecting your business.

Whether you run a hotel, restaurant or event space, here’s why social media is essential for your business...


Show yourself off

By using good quality photography, images and graphics you can showcase the attractive and impressive features of your establishment. If you pride yourself on your luxury interiors, stunning views, and top class menu, you absolutely must show it off online.

Well written social media posts with a clear voice to match your brand can draw people in, establish credibility and build trust. Having a designated social media manager who has the time and ability to post content consistently should help you to reflect the vibrancy of your establishment.

Increase brand awareness

Having a social media presence not only makes you easier to find, but it also shows your customers what you’re all about. You don’t have to tell people how amazing you are, you can show them.

You can put yourself right in front of your target audience’s eyes. By creating highly tailored Facebook ads, you can pinpoint the perfect customers you’re looking to attract. Whether you’re looking to target by location, age, income or interest, social media adverts allow you to get the best results for your marketing budget.

Connect with your customers

Arise’s dedicated team of social media specialists keep a close eye on your channel to quickly respond to messages asking questions about your establishment, capturing bookings when customers are at the consideration stage.

We can also deal with any negative complaints quickly and efficiently, and can showcase your customer service skills, allowing potential customers to see your establishment is open and willing to help.

Build excitement

Building excitement and intrigue around a brand is what really successful businesses do online. There are lots of ways to do this, but staying relevant and seizing opportunities is one of the quickest and easiest methods of engaging with your audience.

Seasonal events are always key times of the year for hotels and hospitality businesses, and creating seasonal online campaigns can help you to generate excitement and promote specific offers to your followers.

Think about the types of causes you want your business to be associated with, specific events you want to take part in and plan a social media calendar around them. This gives you chance to interact with other relevant businesses and support each other in creative ways. Look out also for relevant hashtags and social media campaigns that you can join in on. Hashtags such as #nationalwineday will allow you to showcase specific products and offers.

You deserve better

We know how difficult it can be to prioritise your digital marketing. Time is always an issue, but we also understand that some people just don’t have the confidence to dive into the world of digital marketing.

If you’d like to have a chat through your online profiles with us, we’re always free for a cup of tea. We’ve been working with companies big and small across a wide range of industries for more than half a decade.

Keep up with our blog to find out more social media tips and tricks to apply to your hospitality business.

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