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Why we love PPC Google Adwords (and you should too!)

PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads are essentially online adverts whereby the advertiser pays a fee each time an ad is clicked, i.e. buying website visitors/traffic.

When done correctly, the amount you pay for the click should be minimal in comparison to the sale value. For example, a user may pay £1 for a click that results in a £99 sale of a painting course for the business advertising, making a cool £98 in profit.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is by far the most popular PPC Ads system. Advertisers create ads that show on Google search results, or on the wider display network it operates (e.g. as ads on popular websites in your niche). To decide on which competitor to show if there are multiple advertisers competing for the same keywords, Google selects the winner based on a set of ranking factors (also known as AdRank) which includes; quality score (click-through-rates, relevance, and landing page quality), and bid/budget size.

Access to anyone, anywhere, 24/7

Adwords are a hugely powerful way of accessing the mass Google audience for your website and company as a whole, at any time.

Similarly, you can utilise the various targeting options of Google Ads to narrow down your audience and target a specific customer, at a specific time, with a specific ad.

PPC ads are highly measurable in terms of ROI

You can measure how many impressions (views) your ad received, how many clicks this generated, and how much it all cost. You can then weigh up the amount of sales you made and revenue generated compared to how much it cost, and work out the resulting profit.

People view the top results

Users view the top results on page one more than page two, three, four etc. PPC Ads can put you in the top three paid results at the top of the page, resulting in more clicks and traffic to your site.

You pay per click!

You only pay when a user that is interested in your website clicks through to the landing page. This is far better than traditional adverts, whereby you spend money and can't guarantee your target customers are reading or engaging with your ad at all (sort of a 'throw it at the wall and see what sticks' method).

Set limits

You can set your own budget, change it at any time, and have full access to the data over where your budget is being spent.

Immediate effect

PPC will start working immediately and show you results of the campaign as early as 24 hours later, whereas organic SEO takes a while for Google to update and improve your rankings.

It's targetted

  • You can choose which keywords you want to appear for in search results.
  • You can decide which landing page to direct users to.
  • You can have your website viewed by people already interested in your products/services, making sales easier as they're already working through the later stages of the buyer journey.

Hopefully this has helped you learn more about the wonderful world of PPC. If you still find it a little overwhelming, read more in our blog exploring the advantages of SEO vs Google Adwords.

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