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3 big things we've learned from our first year in business

Our first full year in business is already drawing to a close, how time flies! It's been a crazy, incredible 2015. This time last year the company consisted of the director servicing just a handful of clients from his spare room. Fast forward a year and we're a busy little office, a small team of 3 experts doing great work for some awesome clients, and just about ready to grow again.

This last year has taught us a lot, so we thought we'd share some important lessons that we've learned over that time.

Get yourself out there

The best opportunities often come through the most obscure connections. Getting more awareness, and getting your brand name out there raises your chances of getting spotted by that next awesome repeat customer.

Practical ways we got our name out include: introduction emails to old contacts, getting credit links on our best work, having a strong and consistent social media presence, attending the odd networking event, and maintaining a decent presence on Google. Exposure really does help get the business off the ground.

Never forget the little guy

Take on good opportunities. Like a tiny snowball rolling down a hill, little connections, and seemingly small jobs, lead to further connections and the bigger opportunities. Repeat this process over time, do a good job and treat people well, and business naturally grows.

Have a bigger vision

Starting a business is tough. Having a clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to build powers you on when things are hard, and stops you from coming in short of your destiny. Things do always change as you grow, but if you don't know what you're building, you probably won't build it.

We're still growing and changing, and we've certainly not reached our destination yet. But we're well on our way for such a young business. We're looking forward to hitting full steam ahead in 2016, working with our awesome clients to grow and flourish, and making fantastic things happen. Follow our journey and see how we progress!

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