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2019's Google updates and what they mean for hotel websites

Gaining traffic from Google searches is a key part of many hotels marketing strategies, but at times the results of your SEO efforts can seem a little unpredictable. Keeping an eye on best practices, and key updates to Google’s inner workings can be the key to understanding and bettering...

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Why blogging is the best way to showcase your hotel's character

While consumers tend to want a website to provide the information they’re after as quickly and succinctly as possible, long-form blog posts are a little different. The content featured throughout the main pages of your website should clearly display quick answers to consumer questions, so...

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What is SSL, and why should I be bothered?

So, what is SSL? SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer to give it its full name, is an encryption method used to keep your users’ data safe and secure. To put it simply, this “encrypting” means encoding or jumbling up the data on one end and unjumbling it into its original form,...

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How not to rely on OTAs but still boost bookings

This article was originally published in the September 2019 edition of Luxury Hospitality Magazine. A common theme we see, particularly with independent hotels, is a heavy reliance on Online Travel Agents (OTAs) to maintain a steady stream of incoming bookings. While these OTA sites, such as...

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Using Instagram Stories in the hospitality industry

Instagram is all about the power of pictures.With over one billion active monthly users worldwide (Statista, 2018), the platform gives business users the opportunity to win over their customers with photography, captivating content and a visual, stimulating aesthetic - a particularly powerful...

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Can LinkedIn be an effective marketing channel for hotels?

This article was originally published by Hotel Speak on 15th August 2019. For those responsible for marketing a hotel, small or large, LinkedIn isn’t always the first channel that comes to mind.With hospitality having business-to-customer relationships at its core, and LinkedIn having such...

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How to squeeze the most out of each social media channel

This article was originally published by Hotel Speak on 5th July 2019. By now we all know that success in the modern age means being present on social media. With the latest stats indicating that “digital channels are continuing to see a year over year increase of no less than 100 million...

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How to market a boutique hotel more effectively on social media

This article was originally published at Boutique Hotel News on 5th July 2019. Marketing a boutique hotel can be a daunting task. Marketing a boutique hotel can be hard. Whether you're newly opened and desperate for your first guests, or a well-established business, managing the day-to-day and...

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How to optimise your blog posts for search engines

Many websites have a blog or news feature, but not all of them make use of simple search engine optimisation techniques to increase credibility, traffic and rankings.Blog posts are engaging articles that add value to your website by highlighting topics and experiences relevant to your business....

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How to cater for mobile users and maximise bookings

This article was originally published as part of Hotel Designs' Guide to Hotel Design on 19th June 2019. Over the past decade, smartphones have quickly become a constant presence in everybody’s pocket. Not to mention the advent of the smartwatch and smart TV, plus the array of different...

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How to ensure hotel websites produce excellent results

This article was originally featured in the May 2019 issue of Boutique Hotelier. A hotel's web presence is undoubtedly the linchpin of any modern marketing strategy, and while many understand this, the final result often misses the mark. So, how can you be sure your website, as crucial to your...

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How consistency in your digital marketing can double impact

This article was originally published on the Boagworld blog on 14th May 2019. Although many organisations already use every digital channel at their disposal, common issues we see are both the lack of a cohesive strategy that links these channels together and a disconnect between their brand...

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