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The Great Arise Mince Pie Hunt

The Great Arise Mince Pie Hunt

For the past 3 years, The team at Arise has embarked on a deliciously festive mission: to discover the best mince pie in and around Sheffield! 

But this isn’t just a pursuit of culinary delight - it's our way of honouring a cherished Christmas regular, and supporting local businesses as we do it. And, of course, it's good festive fun.

This year, our quest continues. Our team members are all set to sample and rate local mince pies, analysing every aspect that makes them so special! We rank each mince pie on the following:

  • Pastry
  • Filling
  • Ratio
  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Presentation
  • Smell

As we’re a digital marketing agency, we like spreadsheets. Cool, right? Well, every rating, high or low is tracked on our Mince Pie 2023 spreadsheet!

2023 Results

This year's results are in. We've had some cracking ones this year, and the competition was fierce, but two came out on top...

1. Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop & Mows Coffee - 7.2/10
2. Marmadukes & Steam Yard - 7/10
3. Forge Bakehouse - 6.7/10
4. Gilmours - 6.6/10
5. Staniforths - 6.4/10

Previous Results

As we mentioned, we’ve been doing this for a while now… So if you’re interested, we’ve popped last year’s results below:


  1. Steam Yard

  2. Mow's Coffee

  3. Batched Bakehouse

  4. Forge Bakehouse

  5. The Hop 

2023 Edition

But here’s where YOU can help. We’d love to include as many local creations as possible.

Do you have a favourite bakery in or around Sheffield renowned for its mince pies? Tell us, so we can feature their delightful (or dreadful? We'll decide) creation in our festive quest!

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