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Luxury appeal for handmade kitchen brand

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A bad social presence can hold your business back

In the past we’ve written blog posts discussing the power of social media and what having a strong social media presence can do for you… but what if the social presence you’ve created is a negative one? Outdated content? Outdated brand First up, having a social profile with little-to-no content is just as bad as having no digital...

Fake social media engagements aren't the way forward

In a world that revolves around validation from how many likes or views your social media content gains, it’s easy to see why people are swayed by the temptation to invest in fake engagements from bots in order to make their products or services appear to be more popular than they really are. Though this may seem like an opportunity to quickly populate your channels, fake...

Why each social platform needs a different approach

Many individuals using social media platforms for business fall into the trap of linking up all their feeds so anything they post on one of their channels will filter through to the rest of them. Though this may seem like good practice as it saves time, this is actually quite a bad habit to pick up as every social channel has a slightly varied purpose, so each platform will need a...
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