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3 things we've learned from launching websites

3 things we've learned from launching websites

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1) The beginning affects the end

Looking back at the projects that haven't landed as smoothly as they could have, they tend to have one thing in common: they weren't planned out clearly at the start.

"When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind."

Seneca the Younger, Roman Philosopher

It's so easy to jump into a project (either due to excitement or laziness!), but it always works out best to take the time and start with the end in mind.

2) The plan can change for the better

When someone throws a curveball or a bright idea into the mix right at the end of the project, it's easy to dismiss it on the grounds of hitting deadlines and budgets.

In our experience these have been the icing on the cake that have transformed an ordinary project into something extraordinary.

But of course, it's much easier to try and capture these ideas at the start and plan them in! By the very nature of an ever evolving web design, that seems to be a rare luxury.

3) The end is never the end

You're never truly done with a website. Yes, be happy with it, make sure it's all working as planned, and make sure it passed the quality checks before it goes live, but going live isn't the end.

Web designs that thrive and grow are ones that take on board customer feedback, continue evolving as trends change, and are constantly maintained with fresh content. Don't let it go stale!

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