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4 Ways to Re-Energize your Facebook Ads

Facebook is now both a social networking site and a commercial platform. The platform is more than just a way for brands to communicate with customers; it's also one of the most effective ways to reach your target demographic and drive online sales.

Due to ever-changing privacy policies and regulations, paid social may be experiencing declining returns, soaring prices, and targeting issues, but it remains an important channel to consider. After all, Facebook is still the most popular social media site (with roughly 2.5 billion active users) and provides advertisers with some of the most advanced targeting possibilities.

That's why we have 4 ways the freshen up your Facebook Ads… 

Why Facebook Ads are still a great option 

Facebook it's still the most popular social media platform, and it also includes Instagram. That's why it's critical to adopt deliberate Facebook marketing techniques to avoid squandering money on advertisements that don't contribute to your bottom line.

Advertising on Facebook has a few distinct advantages:

  • Ecommerce integration that works seamlessly

  • Advanced targeting options for specific audiences

  • Informative data analytics

  • One of the most popular social media platforms

  • There are options for every budget.

You can use Facebook ads to both acquire and retain customers. It's a fantastic approach to raise brand awareness and market to new potential customers, as well as maintain ties with existing customers. In reality, for each ad, Facebook provides three essential goals or objectives to pick from:

  1. Awareness. If you're new to business or Facebook advertising and want to attract new clients, choose this goal. You may also use awareness goals to advertise an event or launch a new product line.

  2. Consideration. This is the next step in our Facebook ad journey—once your audience is aware of what you're giving, you'll want to bombard them with advertisements that provide more details. These ads should increase engagement or lead generation.

  3. Conversion. Getting people to convert is the last phase in the process. Maybe you want visitors to buy something, or maybe you want them to visit your website, get directions to your store, or fill out a form with their information.

Increase your market through ‘lookalike’ targeting

Your Custom Audiences will be used to develop new segments with comparable characteristics to target over time. Lookalike Audiences are a type of audience.

Lookalike Audiences are beneficial because they have a lot of characteristics with your existing audiences, so you already know what they like and which advertisements work well with them. In many circumstances, you can use the same ads for your Lookalike Audiences that you do for other audiences.

This Facebook marketing campaign is an excellent way to attract new clients. Because you already know what these people like, you can employ tried-and-true ad material to introduce them to your company.

You can scale the degree to which your Lookalike Audience resembles your original source audience. You'll target a smaller but more specific group if you keep it fairly similar. You'll target a larger but broader audience if you allow for a lot of variation between the audiences. With a maximum of 500 Lookalike Audiences, you have lots of room to be creative and try new things.

See what your competition is doing in Facebook Ad Library

Audience interest is the currency of advertising, and knowing what attracts your audience requires knowledge of the competition. Check out what your competitors are doing once you've designed your Facebook ad tactics and built campaigns to market your brand. 

In 2018, Facebook created the Facebook Ad Library in an effort to boost advertiser transparency (now Meta Ad Library). The program effectively acts as a repository for each advertiser's current and previous Facebook ads.

Any user can search for ads by keyword, with location and four ad categories to choose from: issues, elections, or politics; housing; job; and credit.

It's useful to check which advertising your direct and indirect competitors are running while strategizing your Facebook marketing. Pay special attention to the ad creative, which includes graphics, wording, and ad variations. The example below, from Partake Foods, makes use of Facebook's dynamic advertisements, which allow Facebook to choose the ad creative based on data.

Retarget to your Facebook or Instagram page

Users who have previously visited your e-commerce website or interacted with your Facebook or Instagram page are given Facebook retargeting ads. This Facebook marketing technique is excellent for nurturing existing relationships. You can target individuals based on particular actions they've completed, such as Facebook likes, purchases made, or web pages visited.

This Facebook ad technique has numerous applications, including retargeting options that include those who have:

  • Visited your website

  • Used your mobile app

  • Engaged with your brand on Facebook and/or Instagram

  • Spent a certain amount of time on your website

  • Visited specific pages of your website Viewed a product (called “viewed content”)

  • Added a product to their cart

  • Initiated checkout

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