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Planoly: enhancing Instagram planning

We’ve seen many web applications in the past created with the aim of enhancing Instagram accounts. Whether this be effects add-ons, scheduling tools, or planning apps, users are always looking for ways to boost their Instagram presence.   We’ve tried and tested some of these apps in the past with mixed results, but we recently trialled Planoly and found it...

Considering the user journey on your website

You may have noticed your website is getting plenty of traffic, whether that be from direct searches or other sources such as social media, but they are not leading to bookings or sales. This could be due to the user experience on your website, which plays a big part in the customer journey. If the customer does not have a good experience, say if they struggle to instantly find what...

Is your website's navigation losing you customers?

When it comes to designing a website that makes business better, the navigation menus are a fundamental element. If not considered properly this can quickly annoy customers, hurting your brand and likely losing their custom. Navigation deals with a few basic aims that any website should be facilitating...   How a visitor finds what they’re after...
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