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Five ways to get more bookings through Instagram

Instagram is all about experiences and visual storytelling. The platform’s image-based structure perfectly suits the hedonic and visual qualities of hospitality, tourism and leisure organisations, helping brands to show their target audience the benefits of engaging in their experiences, rather than simply telling them.By now, all experience-based organisations should see the value of...

User experience and accessibility in web development

In the year 2021, website design and development trends prioritize user experience. With modern phones all having access to the internet, it is natural to build responsive sites that work on both mobile and desktop. One of the current leading principles in web design is the method of “build once, run anywhere” - a simple concept whereby developers build an application or website,...

How to choose the right influencer for your business

Social media influencers have fast become a popular marketing tool, and present a number of excellent communication and relationship-building opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most significant benefit of working with an influencer is that they can give you access to a pre-existing, captured audience who are already displaying interests or purchase intentions...