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Blogging for business workshop - a collaboration with Business Sheffield

Ever wanted to find out the secrets behind successful blogging? Arise helped local business owners to do just that on Thursday 29th September when we delivered a 3 hour ‘Blogging For Business’ workshop in collaboration with Business Sheffield.

blogging for business

Why Businesses Should Blog

Writing a blog can work wonders for your business in numerous different ways. Blogging as part of your business’ digital marketing strategy provides you with an opportunity to show the world that you know what you’re talking about, something that is much harder to communicate with business cards and short social media posts. In doing so, you’ll build credibility and gain trust from your target audience, establishing yourself as an expert in your industry and the type of person that people want to buy from.

Our ‘Blogging For Business’ Workshop

We kicked off our workshop by discussing some further benefits of business blogging, including its contribution to SEO, building a community, and boosting engagement online, before going on to introduce innovative content ideas and sources that businesses could use for inspiration. After showing attendees some real examples of brilliant blog content, we delved deeper into what makes an effective post, exploring topics such as keyword implementation, the buyers’ journey, powerful headlines, and distribution/promotion methods.

What better way to learn how to write a great blog than to get stuck in straight away, right? At the end of our presentation (and a quick tea break!) we encouraged attendees to work through our ultimate ‘Blogging For Business Toolkit’, which included activities to test their blogging knowledge, help them plan the perfect post and, ultimately, write their very own content.

Starting Your Own Blog?

Looking to start up a blog for your own business? Whether you need help actually writing your posts for you, or just fancy a copy of our blogging toolkit, feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to help.

A big thanks to Business Sheffield for the opportunity and to all who attended the workshop for their enthusiasm and fast-learning. 

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