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Haddon Hall Social Media

The Challenge

Haddon Hall is a fortified Tudor manor house which entices visitors from near and far all year round. Visitors adore the magnificent terraced gardens, the infamous artisan markets and the unique sense of stepping back in time which encompasses anyone who walks through its gates.

Once known as the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ of the Peak District, Haddon Hall is secluded in nature, shielded from immediate view by a cushion of trees and competing with a wide range of world famous attractions. The primary challenge facing Lord and Lady Edward Manners, the current residents of Haddon, is to raise awareness of this hidden gem, whilst mirroring its elegance, history and magic in every aspect of their brand.

To manage the digital component of this brand, Haddon required a team that could not only create a comprehensive strategy around key visitor and event information, but do so in a way which captures the hall’s essence as a whole.

The Solution

From the very first piece of content we shared, we ensured that we were telling the story of the Hall through stunning imagery, sophisticated content and an air of romance in everything we do. Through social media, email and tailored advertising, we incorporated the following into our strategy…

High-quality imagery

We use an incredible range of professional images within every piece of digital content we share, whether it be a mailshot, blog or social media post. Showcasing the beauty of Haddon’s architecture and location is central to the hall’s brand, making high quality, captivating images an essential part of our strategy.

Sophisticated & elegant tone

We write everything we share with a tone that reflects the sophistication and elegance of a visit to Haddon.

Advertising spend managed & maximised

We are provided with a monthly advertising budget which we distribute across Facebook and Instagram, tailoring each advert to different objectives, audiences and information.

Telling the story

Haddon has the feel of a fairytale castle and has been used as a location for many film and television productions. We like to use storytelling in our strategy by using literary styles and using visitor experiences to paint an online picture of the hall.

Balanced approach

Because Haddon has so much to offer, we have to effectively prioritise every element of the events, information and offers we need to promote. This involves finding the right balance between content, platforms, advertising and more.

The Results

Working with Haddon Hall we've been able to clearly communicate their brand values and ultimately build their reputation, engage their audience and help increase visitor numbers.

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Increase in Facebook following
8,900 to 19,000
Audience engagement rate on Facebook above industry average
Average monthly engagements via Facebook
Average monthly reach through Facebook
audience reached

“The team at Arise do a marvellous job of ensuring the social media for the Haddon Hall Estate is active, engaging and working well for us. They are responsive to our needs and produce high quality work. I highly recommend them.”

Lord Edward Manners, Haddon Hall
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