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How Much Does SEO Cost?

What is SEO?

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising websites and digital content so that they’re more discoverable on search engines such as Google and Bing. Due to the huge influence search engines have on the internet, SEO is important for businesses, small or large.

That being said, a lot of businesses aren’t aware of just how important SEO is for their business. In a survey published by Higher Visibility, 54% of small business owners revealed that they had no budget set aside for SEO.

Search engine optimisation is not a straightforward task, and plenty of work goes into correctly optimising a website for search. This is why many business owners look to hire digital marketing agencies or marketing professionals. 

This then begs the question - How much does SEO cost? 

How much does SEO cost?

So, how much does SEO cost? The only honest answer to that question is going to be a frustrating one for many, and an answer given a lot by digital marketing service providers - “it depends” (sorry).

Similarly to the price of most digital marketing services, the cost of SEO is based on many factors, which we’ll explain in more detail in this post. We’ll also cover ways you can save money and provide the options you’ll have if you’re wanting to outsource your SEO.

SEO pricing

SEO is one of those services where you truly get what you pay for. There are plenty of cheap SEO providers available, but a lot of the time, going cheap can end up doing more harm than good.

SEO requires consistent effort and technical knowledge to stay up to date with the latest best practices and it can be one of the most involved digital marketing channels. It’s critical when looking for these services, you take into account the expertise of the providers and not just the price point.

Similarly to the vast majority of digital marketing agencies’ pricing, there are a lot of factors that can influence how much SEO costs. We’ve explained a little more below.

Factors that will influence the cost of SEO

The size of your website

The size of your website has a direct correlation with how long it’ll take to make optimisations and the number of improvements that are likely to be needed. Smaller websites with a limited amount of pages tend to be much cheaper and easier to optimise.

For example, a small business with a single, small website and customer base won't need to invest as much money into SEO as a large business with multiple complex sites and thousands of customers. This is because of the workload required to optimise and maintain these differing sites.

Additionally, if you’re a large eCommerce company with a considerable product range, you should also expect to pay a little more as SEOs will need to optimise individual product pages, as well as categories and tags.

Competitiveness and niche of your industry

The more competitive the industry you operate in, the harder and more time-consuming the SEO becomes. It’s much more difficult to rank for keywords where there is a lot of competition.

The nature of the industry your business serves will also affect the workload. Industries like insurance and finance are notoriously difficult to rank for and will require a much more detailed SEO approach.

The current state of your SEO

If your site is already fairly well optimised, SEO services will tend to be cheaper than if your site has a lot of existing errors.

An easy way to get an idea of this is by either looking for agencies that provide free SEO audits or by undertaking an audit yourself. This can be done by creating free profiles with tools such as SEMRush to see how healthy your site is and identify issues and opportunities.

If you check on all of this before getting a quote, you’ll have a rough idea of exactly what SEO services you need and can potentially save a bit of money.

SEO pricing by service

Another factor which is going to make a difference to your quote is the specific SEO service that you require.

For example, starting at the very bottom, a basic SEO audit will give you an idea of where your website is currently SEO-wise and what needs to be done to make it more SEO-friendly. 

These audits are usually priced reasonably low depending on their depth, encouraging you to choose the same company to fix any identified problems. As an agency ourselves, we’d always recommend undertaking an audit first, to ensure you know exactly what needs to be done. Luckily, a lot of agencies (us included) offer these for free.

Once you’ve identified the issues, you’ll want to choose a specific SEO service. This could include one or a combination of:

  1. Technical SEO

  2. On-page SEO

  3. Off-page SEO

SEO Pricing Models

Different service providers price and quote their SEO services differently, usually using one of the three pricing models below.

  1. SEO retainer (usually offered by digital marketing agencies), 

  2. One-off project 

  3. Hourly rate (usually provided by freelancers or consultants).

It’ll all depend on the level of work you’ll need as to what pricing model is best for you.

If you’re looking for a one-off project to tidy up your site and complete some work, a project model or hourly rate may be best. However, if you’re looking for something ongoing, then a monthly retainer will suit you best.

As we’ve previously mentioned, SEO doesn’t stop. We’d always recommend a monthly retainer, even if it’s just a small one. It’s the perfect way to grow your business with the long term in mind.

With Arise, our SEO services include a dedicated SEO account manager fully focused on growing your organic traffic and conversions.

The average cost of SEO in the UK

Based on findings published by Ontopmarketing, you can expect to pay agencies between £1200 - £9000 per month. 

If you’re choosing a consultant or freelancer or paying by the hour, it’s likely that you’ll be looking at £100-£1000 per hour.

Why choose an SEO agency?

Should you hire a digital marketing agency for your SEO? Due to the everchanging standards, it’s always good to hire an experienced professional, someone that knows what they’re doing and won't jeopardise your valuable rankings.

If this is something you’re interested in. Get in touch for a free audit and quote today!

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