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How to build or revive your mailing list

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Why email marketing?

Firstly, we'll tell you why you'd want to start building an email contacts list in the first place. The main reason is that you could be making more of your existing customers. Who doesn't like repeat business?

It could be that past customers have used your services or purchased a product, loved it, but then forgotten about what services you offer as time goes on. If you have their email address, you can send them useful content and updates to remind them you're there, and might even just draw them in to purchase from you again.

How to build or revive your mailing list

A few important things to note

Don't ever buy lists of emails. These often aren't legitimate, and not particularly relevant to your business as the users haven't expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

Don't ever abuse or sell people's emails. Treat them with care and make sure the option to unsubscribe is always available.

How to start populating that email list

Maybe this is all new to you and you'd love to start building a list of emails, or maybe your list has stopped growing and gone a bit stagnant over the years. Here are 3 handy steps to help grow or revive your list and fill it with fresh email addresses:

#1 Incentivize

It's this simple, give the user something in exchange for their email address. Email addresses are really valuable to you, so it's only right people should get something in return.

This can be something that in reality is inexpensive to you, just make sure it's something a customer would want. This could be as simple as a discount voucher, a free sample, a short e-book, a free song, or even just exclusive access to news and offers before anyone else.

You could take this a step further and run a competition. Give away something of real value, and ask people to join the list as part of the competition entry.

#2 Reach new people

It's important you give users across all your social channels the opportunity to get on board your mailing list. You may already have contact with loads of people who'd like to be on there but aren't!

Share your mailing list offer across your social networks, blog, website, etc. Focus on the incentive and how it can benefit them.

#3 Make it part of your process

If you have a contact form or sign up as part of your website, why not add an option to add people to your mailing list? 

Also consider making it part of your offline process, if you sign up a new contract or get a new customer, offer to add them to your list too.

Ready to start email marketing?

Good! Now make sure to send regular email campaigns featuring content people would want to read, and you should see new and repeat business start to thrive.

To ensure all your tactics comply with GDPR rules, read up on our handy guide.

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