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How to Promote Your Event Online

Online marketing for an event isn't always easy, and how you chose to market and promote your event can determine how successful it will be. 

For organisations with an established online presence, their promotional content doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, it can speak for itself. However, not everyone is in that position. 

Whether it's your first event or you are yet to establish yourself online, here are 3 ways to drive both engagement and attendance to your event… 

Create Promotional Assets 

First things first, before you even announce your event you need to make sure that all of your assets are designed and in keeping with your brand. From branded cover photos, event banners, profile images, social media feed posts, story posts, video content, thumbnails, and more. 

These assets take time to get right, but they set the tone of the event to your audience online. The first impressions your audience gets of your organisation's event, depend on these first steps. If your online marketing is watertight and you are using online real estate to your advantage by conveying the correct messaging, your event is built to succeed. 

Quick Tip: Be sure to include any positive quotes from testimonials as social proofing for your event.

Utilise Event Pages & URLs

The biggest social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn offer event pages, designed to grow your network and be seen by your audience. Combine this exposure with registering with event sites such as Eventbrite and you have an easy way to initiate engagement and make it easy for people to sign up or reserve tickets. 

Creating one smart link for all of your important links including your event link is a clean and simple way of utilising both your social media bios, links in Stories, and as a call to action in posts ie: ‘The event is only 2 days away! Sign up here: (Enter your short Linktree / Toneden etc URL).

Quick Tip: Once you have your smart link, get a free URL shortening service such as to shorten and create your own vanity link whilst being able to trace visitors and where they came from online. 

Make the Most out of Targeted Ads 

You may already be familiar with using ad spend to your advantage. Whether it's boosting posts or running brand awareness campaigns, budgeting to promote your event online is a direct way to ask what you want of your audience. 

Retargeting lets you put your event in front of the relevant people who have already seen your ad, but maybe weren't ready to book their ticket. This acts as a gentle reminder and can drive urgency if tickets are running low or you're closing in on your event date.  

If you have any questions about your digital marketing, feel free to get in touch. In the meantime, here are four important tips for successful digital marketing.

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