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Sharing on social media during the coronavirus pandemic

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In this time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to maintain strong communication channels with your guests, visitors and audience. 

While it may be tempting to withdraw from social media platforms and other marketing tools, research has shown that self-isolation and social distancing are catalysing increased social media consumption as users seek answers and reassurance from the government, media and their local, or favourite, businesses. Though marketing your product or service may not be your top priority at the moment, online channels remain an essential part of sustaining brand loyalty, sharing information and gaining the support of your audience. 

That said, we understand how difficult it might be to maintain an active presence on social media at the moment, especially with so much up in the air. Here are four key messages to share, reinforce and promote on your accounts during this period of change: 

Your business’ status 

Are you open or closed? Have you altered any aspects of your service? Reassure your audience that you are following government guidelines and taking the necessary precautions for your business. This will include posting on all key platforms and being available over instant message to answer questions. Our recommendation in conveying this message would be to issue an online statement on your website and link back to it from social media with a brief summary of key points. 

Diversification of services

You may have altered elements of your product anatomy to cater for the most people possible or serve the wider community. Restaurants, for example, are offering takeaway options instead of their usual menus, while supermarkets may place emphasis on home delivery to minimise crowded stores. If this is the case, traditional marketing methods aren’t likely to achieve the same reach or engagement as online alternatives due to widespread caution, and a resulting tendency to search for information online. Promote these new or changed aspects of your service by focusing on the positive and beneficial outcomes for your customers, such as familiarity, a treat or community support. While conducting such marketing activity, refer to your official stance on the situation where relevant to reinforce your commitment to public health and safety. 

Keeping your voice: 4 key messages to share on social media during the coronavirus pandemic

How can people support you?

Across the country and the world, there have been concerns about the survival of certain businesses, whether these be small and independent or larger enterprises and chains. Remember what makes your business special and appeal to your audience for support with their patronage if you remain open, or with vouchers, deliveries, donations and advocacy if closed. You could also consider how you could help those in a weaker position (e.g. delivering toilet paper, creating care packages) and use social media to spread the word. 

We're all in this together

This unprecedented pandemic has affected us all, and sometimes a message of solidarity, support and care can go a long way. Show the human side of your business, share kind words, look to the future and, whatever your stance on the government advice, communicate calmly. With time, kindness and consideration for everyone around us, things will gradually progress to a familiar version of normal. 

Please remember that accurate and clear information outweighs branding and personality in this instance. Maintain your brand image where possible, but focus on the clarity, usefulness and value of the messages you share. If you require any assistance or input in your digital activity during this time, our staff are here and available to you at short notice. 

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