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Make sure you're targeting the right users

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When you’re setting up your marketing strategy, one of the main things you should be aiming for is high levels of engagement with your audience. Though this is certainly an important factor, try not to get too caught up with thinking you need to gain plenty of likes, shares and comments all at once.

If you set up an account and start throwing out ‘likebait’ content such as viral videos or posts packed with exclamation marks and emojis, this may gain plenty of likes but it’s very likely the people engaging might not be of any real value to your business. You don't just need any old likes, you need to have a strategy in place to ensure you’re reaching the right people in order to attract quality engagements with stronger potential to lead to conversions.

Make sure you're targeting the right users

Decide on your clientele

Before you even begin planning your strategy, the main thing you’ll need to decide on is exactly what customers you believe your brand should be attracting. If you’re a luxury brand, then you’ll be aiming for users that have a tendency to splash out and you’ll want to avoid gaining attention from users that won’t be willing to pay your prices.

Research your competitors

Once you’ve decided on who your customers are, start looking at how your competitors attract their attention. Though you won’t want your image to come across as an exact copy of another brand, you can look at the kind of wording and imagery they use in order to influence the tone you should be going for.

Target specific demographics

When you think you’ve got a good gauge of your brand identity, you need to put some time into getting to know your target audience a little more. Research their typical demographics, will they be big spenders? Do they tend to enjoy gourmet food?

Facebook, in particular, allows you to be incredibly specific when you’re trying to reach your target audience so utilise this as much as possible and use everything you know about your desired audience in order to reach more users that fit into this category.

Allow for trial and error

Once you have your thoroughly researched strategy in place, you’ll be ready to start building up your profile and posting content. However, you will need to be patient and understand that building up your audience is a long term process that won’t happen overnight. See our post on how long it will take to see results in your digital marketing for a better indication as to whether you're on track. 

You’ll need to allow for a period of trial and error, where you test how different imagery resonates with your audience and what aspects of your business seem to draw your audience in, etc. Creating monthly reports will help you keep track of what’s working particularly well which will help to influence your activity moving forward.

Capture conversions

Once you’re confident your strategy is working towards creating a unique brand identity and your content is reaching the right kind of audience for your business, you will see how these engagements become conversions.

The audience will be drawn in by brand awareness campaigns you set up to attract them, which will lead to page likes. Those page likes will become individual post engagements as your content continues to tick all their boxes. These engagements will then become conversions as your audience decides they like what you’re offering enough to invest in your product or services.

If you put all the above into practice, you’ll begin to see why it’s more important to build up a high quality following over time rather than jumping in and hoping everyone and anyone will like your page. Gaining post likes from users is all well and good, but it’s conversions you’re really looking for and you’ll only gain those if you have a strong brand identity and measures in place to reach the right people.

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