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Never had a website

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We recently met with a new client who, despite being in business for 15 years, had never got round to getting a website set up for their company.

This got us thinking. For those out there who have never got round to it, and those out there who have been online so long they've forgotten why, let's take it back to basics and look at the reasons to create a web design for your business.

So, what can a website add to your business?

Launching a website

1. Opportunity (get new work in)

The main draw to creating a website is ultimately to get more business in, more new enquiries, and getting your slice of the customers already searching for the service or product you provide. If you're not in the race, you're never going to win it.

Most people would stop there, and while that's a major draw, a good web design has so much more to offer...

2. Authenticity (legitimate existence)

Simply put, if you don't have a web presence, many potential customers may think you don't legitimately exist. You should do what you can to look authentic and gain the customer's trust.

3. Professionalism (look good, look big)

It's not just the website. If you've never had a real web address, you're likely to be using a generic email account from your broadband provider. That'll be a big turn-off to most discerning browsers who would expect a unique email address with your company name attached to it.

4. Practicality (share your info)

Sometimes people want to find your phone number, or look up your postcode when they come to visit. A central place for all this information saves both the user and yourself time!

5. Rationalisation (organise yourself)

Sitting down with a web designer to plan out your website can be really helpful to your business as a whole. Having to think through what you can offer, who you're targeting, what makes you different, and then putting it down in writing can have a major impact on your business plans.

Convinced yet?

So if you were still a doubter, have you seen the light yet? If you already have an online presence, is your website still ticking those boxes?

Read more in our blog post on how to design your website with purpose. 

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