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Piggybacking the #GBBO craze

For ten weeks at the start of every autumn, the UK goes Bake Off crazy when the popular show makes its annual return. During this time many people will be using the #GBBO hashtag on social media and will be more likely to engage with any content about Bake Off as the excitement grows. With the quarter finals fast approaching the 2018 series, the excitement is growing week on week as people select the individual they’re rooting for to win.

So, as a brand with no immediate connection to The Great British Bake Off, how do you take advantage of this excitement to get your business noticed online?

Simply get involved with the discussion

The easiest and quickest way to piggyback the excitement surrounding the show is to simply discuss it with other online users. Post questions such as “Who are you rooting for?” along with the hashtag #GBBO. Plenty of brands are posting general content but relating it to The Great British Bake Off.

If there’s a stand out moment in the show that everyone’s talking about - such as Ruby’s collapsing cake - then publish a light-hearted post about it. Keep an eye on the hashtag, see what everyone’s talking about and recreate what the entire UK is saying in your own words. People scrolling through the hashtag may then notice your brand and engage with the content!

Root for local contestants

With twelve contestants to begin with, the likelihood of someone being from your county is pretty high. You might even get someone from a local town or village and if that’s the case, use the connection you have with them to get involved in the conversation! The University of Sheffield have been showing their support for Rotherham based Rahul, who is an engineering researcher at the institution.

The longer the local contestant stays in the competition, the bigger the buzz you’ll see surrounding that person. That buzz will make people engage with content connected to the individual, so take advantage of that and use your local connection to get fans of that particular contestant to notice you.

Find ways to relate to your business

If you don’t have any contestants local to your business, that’s fine, there may still be ways to link your brand to what’s going on in the show. Independent online book retailer, A Great Read, have the right idea by selecting a product that relates to the content of the show and posting about it during a time people will have this topic on their mind.

Similarly, On Trend Kitchens have been using the current baking craze to plug their kitchen products.

Two very different retailers successfully relating Bake Off to their business!

Create #GBBO inspired content

If you feel there really isn’t any way to link your products and services to Bake Off, don’t write it off completely - create the link! You could get your employees to have a Bake Off amongst themselves and post about their bakes. Beadles Jaguar in Watford are a car dealership so they have no immediate link to baking. However, they recognise the importance of piggybacking national trends so have created the ‘Great Beadles Bake Off’ to raise money for charity. They’ve even created their own Bake-Off style imagery to accompany the content!

Bud Light are another brand with no obvious link to anything baking related but have been inspired by the famous Hollywood Handshake to create content allowing them to jump on the Bake Off hype.

So, as you can see, many brands are piggybacking the #GBBO craze in their own various ways. There’s nothing stopping you getting involved if you think it will get people to notice your brand and encourage users to engage with your content.

If you need any further guidance on how to piggyback national trends, read our post on how and why you should be doing so. 

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