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Should I market my site using SEO or Google Ads?

Google Adwords (Google Ads) vs, SEO

When launching a new site, or marketing a site you already run, you might have a question when it comes to how you market it online. Do you invest in your SEO and increase traffic that way? Or do you focus your time and money on pay per click advertising?


When to go SEO

SEO is all about the long haul. It takes time to build up your position, but do it right and you get big results. And not only that, results that will last.

When to go PPC ads

If you need your site to be immediately visible to customers then SEO might not be the best route. With Google Adwords (Google Ads) you can be top for given search terms straight away, as long as you create good ads and bid high.

PPC ads can also be a good option to ensure you're the top search engine result for your brand name. An important consideration for brand new sites, or if you struggle to hit that top spot organically.

Our favourite approach

You can't deny the long-term benefits of good, organic SEO, but its flaw is that it takes time, and there are (usually) no quick wins. Online ads give you instant exposure and quick results, but as soon as you stop investing in your ads, that traffic source disappears.

So our favoured approach to digital marketing is simple, start with some PPC ads for instant exposure, alongside starting to build the foundations of your SEO as soon as you can. Once you're seeing significant results from organic search traffic, you can review whether to drop your ads or keep them running a little longer.

As with any digital marketing techniques, we always suggest trying out a few different avenues and finding what works best for you! 

Have you had success with either SEO or PPC? Get in touch if you need help deciding which route is best for your business.

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