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The hidden factors that make an awesome web design

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There's a lot more that goes into creating a web design than you may realise, and much more goes into making a truly unique website.

We thought we'd share a number of the things that we always put into a website that many people wouldn't think about, and many developers out there would skip. Time to make some unseen benefits seen!

Clear & Sharp

We try to make sites look awesome on retina displays and HD screens. Ever seen sites where the icons and graphics start to look fuzzy on higher-quality screens? This is where pixel-based images have been used that are just too small. We utilise a lot of vector graphics, these are graphics not defined by little pixels, but by mathematical formulas. All that science means that they'll actually look awesome and sharp at any size, on any type of screen.

Custom Design

We love custom designs. Sure, sometimes templates have their place, but we love to create unique designs so your site looks great and stands out rather than looking like many others. It also means we can tailor layouts to help clients achieve their website's business aims.

Bespoke Development

The behind-the-scenes of a site are just as important as what you see. We go the extra mile to make bespoke websites where the workings fit our clients perfectly, making forms and interactions flow to best suit needs, and making website editing tools as flexible and easy as can be!

SEO Ready

We want people to see our sites! Websites are not much use if you're not getting people to them. We make sure we review every site before it launches to make sure it's got the best chance of rising to the top of Google and ensuring it's flexible enough to be optimised for better search traffic on an ongoing basis.


Social media is important too! We'll tweak sites so they automatically have a quality description and appropriate image when folk share them online.

Robust & Well Tested

We always test sites across a number of browsers and devices, from older versions of the dreaded MS Internet Explorer, to the latest iPhone and Android devices. We make sure it all works.


We'll take time to tune up each site before it goes live, making sure it's quick as a wink. We apply a number of techniques to achieve this, from compressing images and code to using clever server caching and maintaining some great web hosting servers.

Backed up & Buildable

We make sure your online presence is safe and sound with regular backups. We also maintain separate development and staging copies of your site, so new developments won't affect your actual website until they're tweaked to perfection.

Proactive Ideas

It's never just about launching a website. It's about having an experienced webhead on your side who wants to see you succeed online too! Personally, we love having long-term relationships with clients and helping them grow.

Affordable Pricing

It's not always your first consideration when you think about what makes an awesome web project, but for business owners, it's a big big part of it. We don't cut corners to make pricing cheap, but we offer high-quality solutions and make them work for you by spreading the cost of a website across 6 to 12 months.

We could reveal many more invisible benefits, but that should give you a glimpse. It's not always about just a pretty home page! If you're interested in our web design services, feel free to explore our site, or get in touch.

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