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The importance of consistency in your digital marketing

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We’ve previously outlined the need for consistency within your digital marketing — this is something to keep in mind when putting together your overall digital marketing strategy. But what exactly is so important about maintaining a consistent style throughout your marketing content?

Consistency in digital marketing

Branding & Graphics

The branding and associated graphics created for your business are a key identifier for your customers. Yet too often we see brands using unbranded graphics, pulled from stock image websites. This works against you if you’re trying to create an instantly identifiable brand image as the font, colours, and styles featured in stock images are likely to be very different from the ones laid out in your branding guidelines.

It makes much more sense to use Adobe design programmes, or readily available online applications such as Canva to create your own custom designs that use all the recognisable elements associated with your brand for any graphics you post on your online channels. This will ensure your business continues to be instantly recognisable and prevents your feeds from looking cluttered with graphics featuring a wide array of fonts, colours, and styles that don’t necessarily match your brand identity.


Similarly, any imagery you use outside of graphics, such as any photography used on your digital channels should have a consistent style that matches your brand identity. If you’re a luxury brand, your images should reflect this and be high-end, sleek photographs that communicate your value to potential customers.

If you don’t keep your imagery consistent, and instead post a mixture of high-quality images alongside low-quality imagery that might be blurry, out of focus, not framed properly, etc, then this can be confusing for your audience who are expecting a certain level of quality from the content you produce. Try to keep imagery consistent in terms of framing, lighting, and colour scheme, to continue the goal of your posts being instantly recognisable.

Tone of voice

Alongside graphics and imagery used in digital posts, the wording of your posts needs to have a specific tone of voice that is continued across all your work. Always practice good spelling and grammar to remain professional, but depending on your target audience you might want your writing style to come across as sleek and elegant, playful and down-to-earth, professional and informative, or whichever tone you think best communicates your brand.

Once you’ve started to set a specific tone, it could be confusing to your audience if you come across as elegant and luxurious one minute to then switch it up and start trying to be down-to-earth the next minute. By doing this, you’ll be attracting a mixed audience who might not necessarily be your target customers. If you study your target customers closely and craft a tone of voice that is reflective of their style and continue this throughout everything you do, you’re much more likely to attract the right audience and avoid confusing them by mixing up your identity.

So, the reason consistency is so important in your digital marketing is to ensure your brand has a clear, instantly recognisable identity, and continuously meets the standards your target audience has come to expect. If you’re confused about your identity, your customers will be confused too.

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