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The Latest Instagram Updates - What You Need to Know

Instagram has released a new, 23-page overview of how brands may use Instagram Reels for promotion and community building as part of its new series of updated how-to guides. The overview contains a number of important suggestions and comments on how to use Reels effectively.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest Instagram updates and advice on using Reels for marketing.

How to Add Multiple Links to your Instagram Bio 

Instagram has opened up access to a new feature that allows some creators to add additional links to their Instagram bio in order to increase the possibility for their businesses to grow on the platform. This option has been under testing for a while.

But that is not all, Instagram Shares New Tips on How to Use Instagram Reels for Marketing. This could be a big help if you’re looking to incorporate Reels into your Instagram strategy this holiday shopping season.

How to use Instagram Reels 

Instagram has given a summary of the main benefits of Reels and the reasons you should give the format some thought.

"The future of Instagram video storytelling." This a bold statement regarding the direction of Instagram, which emphasises the fact that you're probably currently losing out on chances if you haven't included Reels in your Instagram marketing plan.

The tutorial also offers some ideas on the "safe zones," or the areas where your material will and won't be affected by on-screen display overlays, to assist users to create Reels.

What are the Dimensions for the Different Instagram posts? 

The data Instagram has provided for each aspect are particularly noteworthy since they give you more context for why you would want to employ certain elements in your movies, including effects.

Additionally, there are notes on Reels ads and how to use the format for sponsored advertisements most effectively, including this table showing Reels ad dimensions:

Instagram Reels for business guide

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