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The minimum you should expect from any digital agency

We've been working on a number of projects recently taken over from different web agencies, some local and some afar. There have been a few things that others have done, or neglected to do, that have shocked us.

It struck us that as a technophobe looking for an appropriate web agency, you'd find it really difficult to know what's reasonable to expect for your money. Over the past 10+ years we've designed and looked after plenty of websites for companies big and small, so hopefully we can guide you through the standard you should realistically expect from your web designer in this day and age.


Personal access to your hosting, data & website files

Without this, the agency could run off with your files, leaving you in the lurch and causing detriment to your business. Even if you have no idea what to do with the details you receive, make sure you have access to FTP or database logins for your sites.

Content Management

Can you and your team update pages on your website yourself? You should be given access to a CMS so you can edit the site and publish new content as and when you need. It's surprising that this isn't always included, but it is becoming more of a standard process.

Responsive layout

A vast and ever-increasing amount of web traffic now comes from smaller screens. Every new site should work well and be tested thoroughly on a range of modern smartphones and tablets, including Android devices, not just iPhones and iPads.

Proactive suggestions

Too many websites don't achieve their aims and end up looking old, outdated and abandoned. Your developer shouldn't just deliver your site and then leave you to it. We like to see every website we create thrive and grow. Without web professionals sharing their expertise and making suggestions, websites soon go stale.

A thorough job

Sometimes you can tell a job has been done half-heartedly when obvious elements are missing. Your website developer should test everything thoroughly and consider the fine touches and small improvements too, these often make the biggest difference.

Help when you need it

A lot of clients get left in the lurch when things get busy at their design agency. Things suddenly slow down, and their site is left behind while the agency focuses on higher paying work or chasing awards. Always remember you have a right to good service whether you're a small or large company.

A new standard

That's the standard we want to hold ourselves and all the work we produce at Arise to meet. As consumers, wed encourage you to hold any website agency you work with to this level of service, and as a result your web projects are sure to succeed in the long run.

If you want to hear more about what we've learned throughout our business journey, read the three main things we've found from launching websites.

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