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The power of social media: connecting you to a worldwide audience

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With Facebook closing in on 2 billion users across the world, Instagram on 700 million, and Twitter reaching around the 350 million mark, it’s safe to say social media is fully ingrained in our culture. Seeing how big an opportunity social media presents, it would be foolish to let it pass by! Here’s why it’s such an essential for your business...

The power of social media

Get to know your audience

Think you know your audience? Well you can get to know them better on social media. From initial setup, you can do market research and investigate the behaviour of your clientele across their various social media platforms, helping you to put together a targeted content strategy.

Once you start publishing content, you can check your social media analytics to find out more about the demographic of your audience and how they’re responding to your content. This can help to influence your future digital marketing activity.

Increase your brand awareness and credibility

Social media offers the opportunity for your content to be seen far and wide, reaching people who may not previously have been aware of your brand.   

Simply existing on social media will help to make your brand easier to find when people are searching for services or products you offer. If you have an ad budget, you can also make use of bespoke social media ads, tailored toward your target audience with the aim of increasing brand awareness and content reach.

Keep your enemies close…

Not only does social media give users the chance to keep a close eye on your own activity, it also gives the opportunity to check out what competitors in your industry are doing to connect with their audience. If you can see they’re offering something more valuable than you are, you can use this knowledge to improve your own offering and content.

Build Relationships

Engaging with your audience on social media can help to increase trust in your brand. Your following can see when you’re responding to customer comments and reviews, which is the perfect opportunity to show the world how great your customer service is.

You can use social media to find influencers and key contacts in your industry and build strong relationships with them. By engaging with their content and starting conversations with them, they may be encouraged to share your content with their own followers, boosting your reach even further.

Social media can offer many invaluable opportunities to improve how people view your brand. If you want to hear even more about how you can utilise it in your digital marketing, read up on why hashtags are so important and how and why you should piggyback national events in your content.

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