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A bad social presence can hold your business back

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In the past, we’ve written blog posts discussing the power of social media and what having a strong social media presence can do for you. But what if you have a poor social media presence?

A bad social presence can hold your business back

Outdated content? Outdated brand

First up, having a social profile with little-to-no content can be just as bad as having no digital presence at all. If your brand has a page that customers visit expecting to see a showcase of your products and services, but instead it features outdated branding and no recent updates, users are likely to view your business as unreliable and outdated.

This is why, despite the fact social media management can be a time-consuming task, we urge you to ensure your channels are regularly maintained with fresh, engaging content, showcasing the most up-to-date image of your brand to establish yourself as reliable and ‘on trend’.

Low-quality content can lose customers

Similarly, if you are updating your social profiles regularly but the quality of your content is poor, this may deter potential customers due to a lack of authoritative and welcoming status. Users have high expectations for the type of content posted on business accounts and at the very least your posts should feature good spelling, grammar, and quality visuals. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of losing customers who aren’t convinced you’re worth the investment. Remember, add value, not noise

If you’re a luxury brand, in particular, your social media presence should be fully reflective of your image. Bad copy and visuals will not convey the luxurious element of your business! Read our blog post on bringing your offline image online for further advice on how to create the ideal digital image.

Don’t pick up bad habits

Some businesses make a mess of their social media presence by picking up bad habits. For example, most social media users are aware of how hashtags function and using hashtags can help reach a bigger audience to some extent. However, this isn’t always the case as research has suggested that "Facebook posts without a hashtag fare better than those with a hashtag.", so use those hashtags wisely and on suitable channels.

Even on the appropriate channels such as Instagram and Twitter, we recommend putting time into researching exactly what hashtags your target audience is using and sticking to including only the relevant ones in your content. We see too many instances of business overloading hashtags into their posts, which can make it unclear exactly what they’re trying to promote and looks spammy. Use your initiative with it to some extent, nobody’s going to find your business through searching for the hashtag #the.

Nobody home?

One of the reasons many users now choose to look up a brand on social media is to seek quick responses to any queries they may have. With this in mind, it’s bad practice to neglect your profiles for days on end. Social media channels such as Twitter can be a go-to for customers trying to access more information and get in touch.

If a user has approached your social media channels seeking an answer to a question about a particular product or service, it could be too late if you respond a week later. There’s a good chance the customer will have found another, more responsive brand and taken their custom there instead.

Ignorance isn’t bliss

One of the key benefits of having a strong social media presence is the opportunity to connect with customers and clients directly. Users who have had a negative experience with your brand may seek out your profile in order to leave a bad online review and warn others away from using your services.

It's absolutely vital to deal with these reviews. Not responding to negative reviews can give the impression that your business offers poor customer service and is uninterested in resolving any disputes that may arise. It’s important that new and returning customers see that you are communicating with customers to offer a resolution to any negative experiences so they can put their trust in your services

To read more about digital marketing, explore the rest of our blog. Or to find out more information about the social media marketing services we offer, click here.

If you need to maintain your social media presence, view our social media checklist below:

social media checklist

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