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Ben Walker



As well as Director and owner of Arise, Ben is also a digital marketing specialist overseeing all our projects.

With nearly 20 years of commercial experience in the industry backed by a degree in Computing, Ben has a wealth of knowledge and enjoys working alongside clients to bring their visions to life.

Ben is also a prolific writer having written articles for publications such as Boagworld, Hotel Owner, Hotel Designs, Boutique Hotelier, Hotel Speak, Luxury Hospitality Magazine and Boutique Hotel News.

“A big thanks to Ben for sharing his story and the 'tricks of the trade' for digital marketing with our Tourism students this week. This area has grown and is changing so quickly that teaching it needs someone who is 'in the thick of it'. Ben is a real gentleman to work with.”

Paul Fallon - Senior Lecturer
Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management at University of Central Lancashire

The true cost of cutting back on your digital marketing

There's no denying that 2020 has been an extremely rough year, with hospitality and tourism businesses being badly affected by restrictions to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. While many hotels, chains, restaurants, pubs and tour operators have stayed positive and ploughed through this period and kept their marketing efforts alive, many have instead put their marketing on the backburner....

What to include in your digital marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic

In light of the unfolding spread of Coronavirus and the effect it’s having on all our lives, there’s no doubt that hospitality businesses will face a vast challenge in the coming weeks and months. Many hoteliers are turning to their digital marketing channels to help them communicate with and reassure their audience and unlock opportunities to adapt, mitigate losses and support...

Marketing your business well during challenging times

With the COVID-19 outbreak all over the news, these days are truly unprecedented. While that's true, one thing shouldn't come as a surprise - there will always be challenges to your business. Unfortunately, we will always see political, economical, climate, social and health-related circumstances that damage lives and businesses. While the human cost of these challenges will always come first,...