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AMCCSM: Bespoke Web Design & Development

We’ve been working with AMCCSM, a group of connected charities supporting the church in China, since 2022.

Initially, they faced challenges with an outdated website platform that was no longer meeting their needs and lacked any kind of support system. For a global charity with a huge impact, its website did not showcase its brand effectively, and it was time for a change.

Our primary goal was to design and develop a bespoke site that not only mirrored AMCCSM’s global reach and presence but also addressed its functional and linguistic diversity.

Challenges & Solutions

Unified Yet Distinct Web Presence

We designed and developed a bespoke site with a combined backend, but two distinct front ends, one for AM and one for CCSM. This simplified maintenance while ensuring individuality in the front-end presentations for each charity.

Multilingual Capability

We implemented a multi-language system, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for a diverse audience, with both sites available in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Custom CMS Development

We adapted and extended our tailored CMS platform (based in open-source technologies PHP/MySQL) to cater for their needs.

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp integration with options to join lists for each of their 6 National offices, each with various language options pulled via the Mailchimp API.

Blogging System

We developed a comprehensive blogging system allowing content in a variety of languages, as well as categorisation and automated RSS feeds. As well as this, we processed the migration and reformatting of 1000s of articles from their old platform.

PDF System

AMCCSM send out digital copies of newsletters monthly - again, these are in 3 languages for 6 national offices.

We streamlined this process with custom automation so that now a month is added simply by dragging in the PDF copy - an optimised image of the cover is then generated, along with links to the image and document.

Forging an ongoing relationship

Since successfully launching both sites we've continued to provide support and advice to the team via a Web Support & Development Retainer - solving problems, adding new features and advancing the site and cause month-on-month.

This project with AMCCSM showcases our ability to handle complex, custom web development tasks tailored to the unique needs of global organisations. Our ongoing partnership with AMCCSM underlines our commitment to providing continuous support and innovation, ensuring their digital presence remains as impactful as their on-ground efforts.

“CCSM and AM selected Arise to develop a new website after researching a number of other options and recommendations.

Arise were able to understand the complexities of a multi-language (English and 2x Mandarin) website and had experience of charity and not-for-profit organisations, which proved valuable.

They provided a new logo, new design for both AM and CCSM sites and tailored an intuitive Content Management System for both linked sites. They extracted data from the old websites and transferred what was needed, and dealt with an old site that was difficult to navigate and contained pages that were impossible to edit.

They worked with us at a suitable pace in developing, reviewing and testing the sites. They also provided advice and know-how to improve how both charities communicated.

They provided integration with Mailchimp and a variety of payment platforms.

The new websites are clear, fast, easily managed and all the "backend" requirments - such as backups, domains, email and security, are managed as part of the package.

They are willing to discuss options, give good support and are not afraid to say if they think something is a bad idea.

We now have websites that are supported, managed and modern in style. They can be changed very quickly and most changes can be done by ourselves.

We are pleased with the result.”

Martyn Wells, AM/CCSM
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