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Rocket Fuel: Bespoke Web Design & Development

Completely Bespoke

Rocket fuel is a music website that’s a little bit different - it connects music artists to their fans and is a space for creators to build their community of supporters.

Featuring a wide variety of different user and subscription levels, artist-specific shops, fan funding and much more, it’s been a project we’ve loved working on ever since we launched their site in 2014.

Custom CMS

A completely custom CMS allows seamless integrations for the Rocket Fuel website. 

This customizability allowed us to create a site with a comprehensive list of features. Each artist has their own page where users can become ‘supporters’ on multiple levels, purchase exclusive merchandise on the integrated shop or donate to support their favourite artist.

We’ve supported Rocket Fuel for over 8 years now, maintaining, hosting and upgrading their site through one of our regular web support packages. We’re thrilled to be a small part of their journey and to be able to support them with such a great project.

Check out the screenshots below to see how all this hard work has turned out


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