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Hodkin & Jones Ltd


Hodkin & Jones are a luxury brand with over 150 years of experience creating beautiful ornate plaster mouldings for grand homes and designer interiors. It was clear they needed a full digital marketing package to enhance their social media presence and SEO ranking.

After putting together a marketing plan, we researched the best keywords to focus on for SEO, set about creating some successful pay per click ads, and spent time optimising the website. We then began creating engaging content for their social channels, making sure to reflect the luxury feel of the brand and display the detailed craftsmanship that goes into their work.

We’ve since established an appropriate ad budget to focus on building followers and increasing web traffic through bespoke Facebook ads, tailored toward luxury brand buyers. We’ve seen a huge success across all accounts, with growth in following and engagement on the social channels and a strong search engine position.

Over time we've optimised their pay per click ads so they're now getting the same return for a lower ad spend.

We love working with Hodkin & Jones, and we’re looking forward to growing their digital channels further!

Hodkin and Jones Social Media Management

A vibrant presence across social media platforms

We've helped Hodkin & Jones gain a vibrant presence across their social media platforms - including Instagram where we can showcase images of their beautiful work and engage with their ideal target audience.

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