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How to... understand if your Facebook ads are working

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Now you’ve mastered the setup of your Facebook ad campaigns, how exactly do you know if they’re working effectively?

Using your drop down menu in the far right hand corner of your home page, select ‘Manage Adverts’. You’ll find a list of all the campaigns set up across the Facebook pages you’re an admin for, and information on how the ads are performing. The results, reach, impressions, and cost per result are the important parts to pay attention to - you’re wanting to see high numbers for the first three, and low numbers for the latter.

How to... understand if your Facebook ads are working

Understandably, if you have a low ad budget, the reach of your paid social campaigns will be fairly limited. If this is the case, don’t be put off if the figures don’t seem all that high, as it’s the cost per result that really indicates how well the campaigns are performing in terms of reaching their maximum potential with the budget provided.

Whilst your main aim will be to get the cost per result as low as possible, some marketing objectives will have a higher worth to your business, particularly the options that fall under the ‘conversion’ category. For these ad sets, it’s likely that the cost per result will be higher than an awareness campaign, as you’re asking for users to take direct action to your advert rather than just hoping they’ll notice it.

How much is too much do you ask? Well, that’s up to you. Your cost per result should be reflective on how much you think the results of the particular campaign are worth to your business. If you think you’re paying too much for the results you want and aren’t seeing a return on investment, the advert probably isn’t reaching its maximum potential and you can pause it and start afresh. The better the quality of your advert and the relevancy of what it is you’re offering to your chosen audience demographics, the lower the cost will be per result so make sure to bear this in mind at all times.

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