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Should your web design look great, or work great?

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When embarking on a new web design, it can be difficult to choose the best path forward. Do you go for a beautifully designed site? Or do you want something that simply works well and makes a return for you?

After spending nearly 15 years designing and building websites for a whole host of different businesses, we've come to the conclusion that they are one and the same, beautiful visual design, ease of use, and good return on investment are all intertwined.

A lot of web designers miss this, or at least their skill-set drags them to one side of the scale. Our personal aim is to always give clients the best of both worlds, to build sites that not only look great, but work great too.

There are 3 things we think are key to making that happen...

 Look great, or work great?

1) Make an impact and reflect the brand

As we wrote recently, making a big impact is important. This is a primarily visual aspect, but in the end it's all about grabbing the attention of your customers or users.

It's so important the site shows off your brand too. We don't mean make the logo bigger (there's a cream for that), but make sure everything else from your colour scheme to writing style consistently showcases your brand. Again, these are visual aspects but they bring about practical results.

2) Users should be able to do what they want

Always think about what users aim to do, and make those things as simple as possible to achieve. Whether that's quickly finding the product they're after, or making note your postal address. This fits squarely in the "working great" category, but wouldn't be achievable without considering how things look or where they're placed.

3) It should achieve your business aims

Never forget why you set out on this journey! Make sure the site is geared to help users do what you want them to. That could be completing a purchase, joining an email list, or giving you call. Again, gear your design and layout to get a good return on investment.

A good-looking site is a good-working site...

And vice versa. As you can see, it's always a challenge to make sure your website does what you want it to, but a nice design isn't optional. It's exactly what you need to make things happen.

If you want to find out more about creating a quality web design, read our blog on 'the invisible advantages of an awesome website'.

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