Balancing web design & making an impact

Web design can be tricky. There are usually piles of aims and objectives, among many other aspects you want your design to achieve - and they're all competing for your attention. When designing for the web we have the tough task of balancing all these needs - making sure the design is as visually attractive as it can be, user friendly, and bringing in sales and enquiries.

Alongside all this, the main aspect we take note of when designing a website at Arise is making that all-important initial impact when users first visit a site.

First impact

Working on the recently relaunched website for Philippa Hanna, we reworked the design at the last minute so we could increase the initial impact. By showcasing stunning photography of Philippa Hanna and temporarily canning the clutter, we turned it from a regular web design to something striking.

A clear message

As well as the big opener, it's important your message is clear and quickly communicated. This can be a strap-line that succinctly sums up what you do and what makes you different, subtly applied branding, or even just making sure you open with photography that shows off your wares.

It's a balancing act, and every site should have a different angle to suit its aims and target audience. What we're aiming for is for there to always be the 'wow' factor when a user first sets eyes on your web design - to ensure that we're not only ticking all the practical boxes, but hitting things on an aesthetic and emotional level too.

Do you have any examples of high impact openers you've seen on the web? Feel free to share them with us! 

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