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Using digital techniques to gain repeat business

Regulars are the people that help to maintain and grow a business. As a business owner, it’s crucial you understand the importance of customer retention. Alongside providing excellent customer service at all times, there are several digital techniques you can put in place to encourage repeat business.

Online Engagement

If a customer purchases your goods or services online, that’s the point where they will begin expecting exceptional customer service from you. Ensure online engagement with this customer is consistent from the start—include confirmation emails in your order process to reassure the customer you are aware they have made a purchase and when they can expect to receive the product or service they have invested in.

Continue to maintain their attention with follow up emails after this, keeping them updated with the status of their order. If it’s a physical product they’ve purchased, let them know when they can expect it to be delivered. If it’s an experiential service, send them reminders as the date approaches in order to build excitement and anticipation.

All this will amplify your exceptional customer service and the customer will likely view your business as reliable and trustworthy before they’ve even received your goods or services. They may even recommend you to others, which will help to expand your regular customer base.

Online Surveys

After your customers have received their goods or services, you can find out how they viewed the customer journey by requesting they fill out an online survey. This data will be important in informing you how to improve moving forward, so make it worth their while if they take the time to fill it in!

In this survey, ask them about how they viewed the customer journey - starting with how easy they found making the initial purchase through to the point where they received the product. Ask them for suggestions on how to improve the service you deliver in future.

Not only will the customer feel reassured that you’re making every effort to better your business (and therefore may be willing to give you another go if they had a negative experience), but all the data you receive will allow you to discover any weaknesses you may have and adapt your strategy to correct this, meaning your improved service will help to retain any future customers.

Email Marketing

Ask any customers making a purchase from you to sign up to your mailing list. Again, having a solid list of customers you can send email campaigns to is a great way to encourage past customers to return so find a way to make it worth their while. Bear in mind that you can’t add someone to your mailing list without their permission, so if you’re planning on using email marketing to send out information on future offers, events or discounts, make sure they’re fully aware of this so will sign up if they’re interested in using your services again. Read our post on how to build or revive your mailing list for further information.

When you have a list of names on your mailing list, you can start sending out campaigns with content that will encourage these previous customers to make further purchases. As mentioned, offers, events and discounts are the best way to draw people in and encourage repeat business so work these into your campaigns!

Send regular updates to your mailing list so they feel like valued customers. The more valued they feel, the more likely they are to become your reliable regulars.

Exclusive Offers

Even if your customers don’t opt to join your mailing list, there are other ways to set up offers exclusively for returning customers. You could send them a discount code with the product or service they receive that they can take away and redeem when making future purchases online.

You could join this up with the follow up survey you send out. This survey should only be sent to past customers, so when they finish filling it in why not use a discount code to thank them?

You can never guarantee that someone will return to your services, after all you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you work several or all of the above into your digital strategy, you should have enough tactics in place to encourage a good amount of repeat business.

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