Email marketing

Retain and grow your customers

Email marketing is a great way to engage, nurture and get the most potential out of your customer base. We can take the hassle out of email marketing. We create and manage effective email templates for a range of purposes - whether that's special offers or news and updates.

Why email works

Give them a nudge

Email campaigns can be an excellent digital marketing tactic. They're a fantastic way to keep you at the front of your customers' minds, so they'll be much more likely to think of you next time they need something - a great tool for encouraging repeat business.

Get straight to their inbox

Your customers check their emails daily, if not more. With email you can almost guarantee your message will be seen quickly. What's more, you'll be able to see exactly who has looked at your email and what actions they took when they saw it.

Share offers and updates

Email works really well for brands that have regular offers for their customers. Offers incentivise and reward your loyal subscribers, while driving conversions.  It's also a great way to keep customers interested with industry news and what's going on with your brand.

It's cost effective

Most importantly, email has the potential to be a cost effective marketing tactic when done right. You have a huge list of customers who have actively chosen to hear more about your brand - make the most of them! It's an easily measurable approach that allows you to judge the value and adapt accordingly.

Questions you might have

Does email marketing still work nowadays?

Yes - email marketing is still a very valid digital marketing technique. It's not only stood the test of time, but can complement newer tactics such as social media.

Can I use email lists that I bought or found?

Unfortunately not. Email only works with people who have explicitly chosen to hear from your brand. Your list of emails should be gathered in a friendly and organic manner.

What platform do you recommend for managing email marketing?

We favour Mailchimp - it offers handy custom template features, list management and measurement tools. But we do work with other platforms when required, such as Aweber, Campaign Monitor and some industry-specific platforms.

I don't have many email addresses, how can I build my list?

It can be done! We can help advise on strategies to build your list, but as a starting point...
Ask all of your existing customers to join the list, offer an incentive such as an exclusive offer for sign ups, and keep sending, even when you only have a small following to work with,

Do you just create templates, or do you send campaigns too?

We don't just create reusable branded templates for our customers, we also manage their lists and send campaigns on their behalf. We work in the way which best suits our clients - whether that's handling everything from our end, or equipping them to do the sending themselves.

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