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Made by Jonty Gastro-Cafe

Made By Jonty is a well-loved and respected independent café located on the “Foodie Mile”, Sharrow Vale Road in Sheffield. Mixing fine dining with the relaxed and friendly environment of a local coffee shop, Jonty Cork has created a charming and unique brand which stands out among the sea of independents in Sheffield.

As you might have guessed from the name, Jonty spends hours in the kitchen all day, preparing food. While he recognises the importance of social media (particularly Twitter) to his business, he simply doesn’t have the time to post updates and chat with his customers throughout the day. Jonty needed someone to keep on top of Twitter and let him know if any questions came through.

We posted daily updates on Twitter and replied to customers, while managing to capture Jonty’s personality and present it convincingly online. We ran promotional campaigns on Jonty’s Facebook page around Christmas and suggested competitions and offers to help keep customers coming back for second helpings!

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